Best watch ever

I bought the Garmin Forerunner 210 over the weekend (from my friendly local running store) and finally used it this morning.

It’s awesome.  I got the heart rate monitor, too, so I strapped myself in (watch strap, heart rate monitor strap – any more straps and I wouldn’t need clothes), synced everything up (found my heart, found my satellite), and took off.  I had a great run, but the coolest part about my new watch is that when I uploaded the details to the website (Garmin Connect), I got a whole bunch of neat graphs.

The top one shows how my pace varied over time, and I can tell that the downward spike is at the point where I had to wait a few seconds to cross a street.  The watch calculates all the easy stuff (average heart rate, average pace, stuff like that), but it’s also tracking elevation and calculating calories burned, and the website displays the details per lap (I set it so one lap equals one mile), and it’s just so COOL.



  1. Zannah

    Water-resistant, not waterproof. This model isn’t meant for swimming, but I’m pretty sure Garmin makes one that is. They have a triathlon watch, but it’s way more expensive than mine.

    Of course, you don’t really need the GPS feature if you’re swimming in a pool…

  2. I have a very similar one to track my resting heart rate over the day, except mine doesn’t use the ultra-cool GPS (because I’m pretty sure I know where to find me these days. 😉 ). I was fascinated by what they can do now. Super cool.

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