I don’t want to do anything

You know, it’s been a fun weekend, but I need another weekend to recover from it.  Friday night was the concert, and it was nearly 2am before we went to bed.  Six hours later, I was awake because I still had stuff to do in the house before John’s dad and sister showed up.  Then John and his dad spent the day replacing a column on the porch, and Emily and I went wine-tasting and got pedicures (which was a very nice way to spend the afternoon – I highly recommend it), and then we picked up sushi for dinner.  And then we sat at the damn table until 1:30 last night because we are incapable of shutting up and going to bed.  So now?  I’m exhausted.  I’m sacked out on the couch when I should be at the grocery store or out on my bike or walking the dogs or doing something productive…  It’s taking everything I’ve got just to keep my eyes open.

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