It doesn’t look all that bad right now

I’ve seen the weather maps, and I’ve read the forecasts, and I’ve seen the pictures.  I know it’s supposed to get really bad, but I thought that was supposed to have happened by now.  It’s been raining steadily since last night, and we’ve had the occasional wind gust, but so far, that’s it.  Maybe I should shut up right now and stop tempting fate.  The power flickered three times in a row about half an hour ago, but it’s still on, and we still have internet.  For now.  Yes, I just knocked on wood.


  1. Well? How did Frankenstorm treat you? We had rain and wind, and only lost a downspout extender. Not so bad. Glad we’re not near NYC.

    LOVE your Hermoine costume! I thought your hair looked great, and the wand was awesome. Very scary Wolverine claws!

    My kiddos are going as a gangster and a snowy owl. I will probably just scare small children at the door with an old lady mask I have.

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