I’m confused.  The time change, the weather, the fact that Thanksgiving is next week already – all of these things are throwing me.  Also, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don’t have anything to worry about.  There’s usually something, and given another day or so, I’m sure I could come up with a new thing to gnaw on, but it probably won’t be big.  Why do I feel so weird?  John does, too.  We had a good weekend, fun, even productive: we finally made an appointment to get an estimate for putting hardwood floors in upstairs, something we’ve been talking about for probably a year now.  I’m not that excited about my book – that’s probably part of it.  I haven’t been making the time to read (what is WRONG with me?).  The book I just finished (Sheri S. Tepper’s latest) was okay, but not gripping (definitely not her best).  WAY heavy on the exposition.

Okay, you know what?  I can’t solve the mystery of why I feel at loose ends, but I can go upstairs and put something light on TV and clean up before the flooring guy shows up tomorrow.  He needs to be able to measure, and right now you can’t see where the wall meets the floor.


  1. Just cleared out the crap under the rowing machine in our bedroom today. I was a cleaning machine. I flitted from room to room tidying things, but didn’t do any one whole room upstairs. At least my work downstairs won’t go unnoticed. Of course, it will also be trashed in a day, so why do I bother? ;D

    I also can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! Aahhh!

  2. Zannah

    You bother because it makes you feel better, even if only for 20 minutes. That’s totally worth it. Plus it gives you leverage if you need something to yell about. “I just cleaned this whole house this morning. You come home and five minutes later it looks like THIS?!?” Not that you would yell at your family. I refuse to believe it.

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