Is it me?

My site has been really weird the past two days.  I don’t know if it’s just on my end or if it’s affecting any of you, but loading takes forever, and half the time I get an error or get logged out.  I should have called GoDaddy today, but I was barely able to work today, let alone get anything else done.  (Hey, Mel, is Mercury in retrograde again or something?)  I’m not sure I’ll be able to publish this, actually (because of the technical problems I’m having, not because I’m in a funk).  Let’s try.


  1. Melvin?

    Hello! Same problem here.

    Mercury is back to normal, but there was a full moon two nights ago. Meh?

    BTW: I have a new word to add to our shamefully mispronounced list. Hubs and I were looking up the healthiest ranked foods (I’m insisting we eat more snow peas now that we’ve proven, via the interwebs, that they are, in fact, healthier than asparagus) and during the investigation, I was reading out loud to him, and came across an impossible-to-pronounce word. It came out something like “roo-haj.” I shrugged it off, continued reading, ran across the word again in a slightly more familiar context and, oh, right, roughage. Duh.

    Commence to teasing.

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