Some actors will always be remembered for being naked

I had a strange conversation with a coworker in the car on the way to DC today.

Him: Have you seen that new Sherlock show on BBC?  Isn’t it great?

Me: Yeah, I love it.  Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic.  Did you know he’s the voice of Smaug in the new Hobbit movie?  The dragon?

Him: Really?  That’s cool.  But that hobbit guy looks really weird.

Silence from me for a few seconds.

Me: You know, the guy who plays Bilbo Baggins is Watson in that Sherlock series.

Him: …That’s the power of make-up, I guess.

I went on to list other things Martin Freeman has been in, but the only response I got was, “He’s the naked guy in Love Actually?  I remember him!”


  1. I keep telling the huz that we need to catch up on Sherlock and watch it. It looks good!

    Also, now I need to go back and watch Love Actually. That’s the second reference from that movie I’ve heard recently that I don’t remember.

  2. He’s also the voice of Sauron in the new movie, though I don’t actually remember Sauron being anywhere in the Hobbit.

    And I didn’t mind the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie. The first half anyway. It did leave the reservation about midway through, but I thought it was very true to the book for the first half.

  3. Zannah

    I keep hearing things that make me think they’re messing with the story (in The Hobbit). Maybe to make it more prequel-y?

    I don’t remember much about the Hitchhiker movie. I only saw it once. I think I was entertained, but I don’t remember loving it. I should probably give it another chance.

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