Hey, guys?  The Hobbit was disappointing.  I won’t ruin it for anyone with details, but…hm.  I can’t say a whole lot more without ruining it.  Here’s the thing, though – once I get past it not being what I hoped, it was still entertaining.  It just wasn’t what I expected from Peter Jackson, after he took such care with The Lord of the Rings movies (with one major exception for which I haven’t forgiven him).  So see it, by all means, but lower your expectations.


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  1. You think so? I mean it was not as good as any of the previous LOTR movies, but I still enjoyed it well enough. My only real complaint was that it seemed to have a hard time deciding if it was going to be a movie for kids or not. It’s based off a children’s book, so it had kiddy elements in it, but then it still had some LOTR levels of violence as well. I could have done without the kid stuff.

    The story obviously isn’t as epic as the LOTR trilogy, so right there it’s going to have a hard time when compared with them, but for what it was I liked it. From a technical perspective I thought the effects (especially Gollum) were even better than the first trilogy, and the acting was on par with the previous films (though the scene-stealing moments were all by actors/characters in the first trilogy as well).

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