Titles are hard when brain stops working

Sorry about yesterday.  This week was kind of odd.  Busy odd.  Like, I can’t remember sitting down and relaxing much odd, even though I know I must have.  My brain needs lots of help to get out of work-mode, which is why I’ve been relying on other websites so much.  Today will be no different.  Thanks to Tom and Lorenzo, let’s talk about Channing Tatum.

I like him okay (I’ve seen him in one movie and a couple of interviews, and he was plenty likeable), but I don’t find him attractive at all.  Certainly not HAWT, like so many other women seem to feel.  I think it’s his head.  And neck.  The combination of the two.  They’re thesame size.  I have the same issue with The Rock and Vin Diesel.  It’s a type, and it’s not mine.  Channing Tatum, at least in this suit, looks great if you only look from the shoulders down.

I still think he’s a little too body-builder for me.  I’m sure John will be relieved to know I’m not going to leave him for Channing Tatum.


  1. Jess

    In fact, from now on every time I hear the name Channing Tatum I’m going to say “taters” the way Gollum says in Return of the King (or is it The Two Towers?). But possibly only in my head.

  2. Zannah

    Gollum says “taters” in one of those movies? I do not remember that. I clearly have to watch them again. But yes, I think that’s a good nickname for him. 🙂

  3. Brian Breguet

    Watch 21 Jump Street. It’s funny, he’s good. I promise. I don’t want to have to pull the “I’m the guy who told you to stick with Doctor Who” card…

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