Guys, I have more mugs!  Really cute ones!  For reals, see?  My sister loves me.  The bamboo one has a panda in it!

I’m afraid I have a mug problem.  You’ve seen a sampling of my other mugs before, and I just got these three new ones (the floral ones are really good for deliciously sweet coffee on snowy days).  Well, last week I saw more mugs I MUST HAVE.  (Except that I don’t need them.  I just want them.  Really, I don’t know where I would put them.  We’re out of cabinet space.  But really, I want them.  Want is not the same as need, so I won’t get them.  I’ll just drool from afar.  Because I can’t have them.  Even though I want them.  We’re trying to stop accumulating stuff.  Really.  No more new stuff.)

The London mug

I can still admire them, though.  They’re made by Villeroy and Boch, and they’re part of the New Wave Caffe collection (cities of Europe).  There’s one each for London, Paris, Rome, and Berlin, with matching plates, and they’re adorable.

I would only want them if I got rid of all of my other mugs.  Which I will not do.  Why do I have a mug thing?  I don’t really have a shoe thing.  I have a book thing – isn’t that enough?  It’s not like I display my mugs.  …  No, I’m not going to display my mugs.  Back to these particular mugs – they’re not cheap.  Not crazy expensive, but we’re talking $20 a mug (when they’re on sale).  And that’s not including the matching plates or the cool spoons you can see in the picture I took.  So, yeah, maybe we are talking crazy expensive.  They’re MUGS.  I’m not spending $20 (or more) on a mug.  Boom.  Talked myself out of my muglust.


  1. I fell in love with Villeroy and Boch itty bitty coffee cups (why did I buy them?!) at their outlet in Mettlach, Germany. Had to have them. Then I had to have their plates, soup bowls, etc. Dangerous to start with them! 😉

  2. Melvin?

    Glad you like them! The London mugs are way cool too. I need suggestions on a new diningware set. We’re still using what we got for our wedding.

  3. Zannah

    Thanks for the warning!

    Min, we’re still using what we got for our wedding – is that so bad? If you’re really shopping, I like simple designs – sometimes bright colors, sometimes white, sometimes stoneware, sometimes with odd shapes. So…everything. 🙂

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