My Roxy is back

Hi.  Remember me?  How’ve you been?  Roxy’s doing a TON better.  We took her to the dermatologist for a follow-up almost two weeks ago, and they did a biopsy on her paw.  We’re still waiting on the results, but because she had a couple of stitches, they gave us some pain medication for her.  Within one or two doses, all of a sudden we had our Roxy back.  She’s bright-eyed, her ears perk up, she pulls on her leash when we go for walks, she begs for food when we eat at the coffee table, she tries to steal my peanut butter toast in the mornings, she runs off the deck first thing every day, she meets us at the door when we come home – this is our dog.  Does this mean she’s been in pain all this time?  What kind of pain and where?  The vets have checked her out and haven’t found anything that seems to bother her.  If we keep her on pain medication, are we actually helping her or masking the problem?  We’re taking her back to have the stitches remove next week, so I’ll be asking those questions, and we should have the results of the biopsy Monday or Tuesday.


  1. momma betty

    That question of pain is the very hardest one. Dogs (most of them) are so stoic and can’t tell us how much pain they’re in. That was the question that bothered me so much with Max. But if the pain medication brings your puppy back, then I say go with it!

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