It doesn’t take much

We had some excitement at work the other day.  I looked out the window (onto the always lovely back of the parking lot) and saw some of my coworkers hanging out by and IN the dumpster.  I couldn’t imagine why they’d be doing that – yeah, that’s not true. I can imagine all kinds of reasons why they might be messing around in dumpsters, but none of them are realistic (or good).  It certainly didn’t occur to me that they might be trying to rescue kittens.  Kittens!  (I’ll stop you now.  No, we are not the proud new owners of a kitten.)  The news raced through the office, and the crowd outside the dumpster doubled.  I took pictures.
Poor, adorable, terrified kittens.  They weren’t starving or anything – the theory is that someone dropped them in the dumpster the night before.  What kind of person would do that?  One of my coworkers heard some squeaky meows as he came in, or we might never have known they were there.
They all had new homes within an hour of being pulled out of the dumpster.


  1. momma betty

    That helps restore my faith in humankind. Now if we could just do something about war, poverty, homelessness, global warming, hunger, access to pure drinking water, violence……I know, I know. I’m a socialist.

  2. Poor kitties! I wish the person who did that had to be in a gigantic dumster he/she couldn’t exit without help, too. I want that grey and white one! Glad the all got homes. Hooray for happy endings!

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