There’s a trick to everything

Riley hasn’t been eating well.  He was eating intermittently before we went on vacation, and we didn’t really ask a lot of questions at the kennel.  They said he did well while we were gone,  but I didn’t think to ask how often he ate.  He didn’t eat when we came home.  We took him for a run this morning, and we noticed we could feel his ribs.  Prominently.  So I asked John to get something delicious for him when he stopped at the store on his way home from today.  He came home with a jar of beef gravy.  I filled Riley’s bowl with the usual dry food, doused it with gravy, and wouldn’t you know?  He scarfed it down.  I’m not sure it even took him a full minute.  I will do whatever it takes to get Riley back to fighting weight.

(No dogs were starved in the making of this post.  He didn’t seem to be suffering or starving (or he would have eaten the dry food in his bowl these last couple of days), and he’s never been one to beg for food (unless it’s steak or something).  Not eating regularly isn’t all that unusual, but able to count his ribs is.)


  1. Can’t wait to see pics from France! I hope Riley is back to his fighting (erm, snuggling?) weight soon! We do a lot of plain yogurt or chicken broth here when Schmoops turns up her nose at her dry food. Sometimes a little canned food on top does the trick, too!

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