Dear August,

May we please start over?  I don’t know how we got 11 days in already.  I don’t know where the previous 10 days have gone.  Did you steal them from me?  That’s rude – of course you didn’t.  Do you know where they went?  Maybe I just misplaced them and you saw where I put them.  Would you help me get them back?  Even though I’m not in school, and the beginning of September doesn’t really mean an end to freedom like it used to, I still feel like summer is rushing to a close.  I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it.  I don’t mean to say I haven’t enjoyed many days over the last two months, but it hasn’t felt like summer.  I can have the kinds of days I’ve enjoyed any time of year (almost).  I would like to take the opportunity to notice and behave as if it’s summer now, if you don’t mind.  Of course, it’s Sunday evening, so I won’t get very far before I have to go to bed and start the work week tomorrow, but I promise to do my best for the rest of the month.  I need to get outside more, appreciate the warmth and sun more.  I can do that.  It would be helpful if you could keep the rain to a minimum, or at least keep it to the overnight hours, but I understand if that’s too difficult.  Regardless, I will try to remember that even though I don’t get a real summer vacation, I can still celebrate summer for a couple of hours every day (and maybe at lunchtime) and every weekend.  I promise.


P.S. I really do apologize for accusing you of stealing days from me.  It just slipped out.  I know you’d never do that.  Forgive me?

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