The cat is out of the bag

Our plans have been made public.  In the neighborhood, anyway.  There’s a For Sale* sign in our yard, with our real estate agent’s picture on it (I wonder how many pictures she had to take before settling on that one?), so now all the world can see what we’re up to.  And now it’s real. It was always going to be real, of course, and it was never a secret, but as long as only a small number of people knew about it, it wasn’t scary.  Now…it’s a little scary.  The guy put the sign up Friday afternoon – he just appeared, and I didn’t even notice until he was done (Riley didn’t notice the stranger hammering a giant sign into our front yard, either – good guard dog), but seeing it put butterflies in my stomach.  I didn’t expect that.  They’ve mostly gone away, but I imagine they’ll be back.

*Actually, it says Coming Soon – we won’t be officially listed for a few more days.



  1. Momma Betty

    I kind of feel the same way. Your dad told someone the other day, and it made me very nervous. It just seems to public!

  2. Zannah

    It’s funny how fast I got over that, though. A few people know now, and it’s official tonight, and I’m okay. You?

  3. Did you take before/after pics? We’re looking around for a new house and, at some point, I’ll have to stage our house for selling. We don’t even own a dining room table anymore. That room has become our office/sewing/crafting/music room.

  4. Zannah

    I was just looking for before pictures, and it looks like I don’t have any good ones, really. Any I have are probably on this site. I did a quick search for dining room and came up with a few, but not really to show the room. There are some that show the table, some to show the shelves, but not any that show the room when it was complete. I’ll keep looking. I’ll send you the after via email.

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