Fall perfection

I was a little too ridiculously happy this morning.  Maybe it’s that extra hour of sleep, except no, that can’t be it.  John and I deliberately set an alarm for 7 today.  7 felt like 8, which is when we usually get up (or when we usually aim to get up – sometimes we miss), but wasn’t.  Because it was 7.  So we used the extra hour this morning to get up and run.  And that was fantastic.  It was a little chilly to start (mid-40s), but I ran a little over 5 miles, and by the time I got halfway, I had my jacket wrapped around my waist and was running in just a tank top.  (And pants.  I swear I was wearing pants.)  It felt great.  And the sky was blue and the sun was shining and all the trees are changing colors and I had a silly grin plastered on my face because it was all just so beautiful.  Of course, my legs are a little achy now, but that’s my own fault – I got carried away and ran a bit too fast, considering that I haven’t been running as regularly as I should.  I’m paying for that.  But still – happy!