What not to do

It snowed last night (a couple of inches), and then the temperature plummeted.  We woke up this morning to crazy cold windy weather and snow blowing all over the place.  John still wanted to go to boxing, so after checking to make sure the street wasn’t actually icy, we shoveled the driveway and cleared off the cars.  John’s car.  My car’s windshield was more than I could handle that early, so I made a command decision – no gym for me this morning.  I went back inside.  (I figured I’d let it all melt off while warming up the car before heading to work, which I didn’t plan to do for at least another hour and a half.)  Aaaaannnnd then I curled up on the couch to warm up and took a nap.  Except I didn’t really nap until the last seven minutes or so before my alarm was set to go off, so naturally the alarm dragged me up out of a deep fog and I was more tired then than I was when I got out of bed.  Not a smart decision.  Then I stared blankly into space for a good ten minutes before dragging myself off the couch and into the shower.  So, you know, not really the best way to start the morning.

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