I want to get my hair cut.  I think.  And I want to dye it.  I think.  (Dark purplish red – do an image search for purplish red hair and focus on the darker ones.)  And I’d like to do both of those things soon.  I think.  At the same time?  Maybe.  Here’s the thing (and it’s a minor thing): Emily’s wedding is in July.  I’d like my hair to be long enough to put up by then (by a professional, of course – I’m useless at that), or at least long enough to be made all fancy (again, professionals needed).  So if I cut it short, I need to do it soon, or else I could cut it not that short.  Anything above the shoulders will do.*  But if I cut my hair now, I think I want to chop it off at my chin (because I’ve done it before and it works).  Will it grow enough in six months?  If I cut off that much, I’ll have enough for a Locks of Love donation (I think), which is something I’d like to do because 1) it’s a nice thing to do, 2) how many times in your life do you have enough hair to do it? (you need to be cutting off 10 inches), and 3) I can think of literally nothing else that can be done with hair once it’s cut off (that isn’t completely creepy and gross), and it’s kind of neat to have a purpose for it.

What’s the hold-up?  Nerves.  What if it doesn’t look good?  What if it’s a bad haircut?  I feel like my long hair helps to make my face look longer and thinner.  If I cut it shorter, will my face look fat?  (Honest to god, ridiculous as it sounds, I’m actually worried about my haircut making my face look fat.  Shut up.)  Should I dye it while it’s long?  I like the idea of having long flowing dark purplish red hair.  But I’m getting tired of the long hair thing.  I could dye it long, keep it that way for a week, and then get it cut.  But it’d be cheaper to dye if there’s less of it, so I could cut it and then dye it.  The dye thing is only temporary – I like my hair the color it is.  I just want to try it out a little more permanently then I did last year.

I’m not usually this bad at decisions (except for dinner – that decision sucks sometimes (a lot of the time)).  I’ve been considering this one for a while, and I’m no closer to the end than when I started thinking about it.  Help!

*Not true.  No pixie cuts.

For reference, it looks like this now (and has looked like this for at least a couple of years).

I probably have a more recent picture (this is from last June), but it would require effort to find one. Too hard. June was only 7 months ago.

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