Knowing your audience is important, dude.

When I got in to work this morning, almost the first thing I heard (overheard) was one coworker explaining the Han Shot First controversy to another who could not have cared less, judging by her completely disinterested tone.  Coworker #1’s enthusiasm was not the least bit dampened by Coworker #2’s total lack of interest in learning who the hell Greedo is.  (Was.  Whatever.)  I can’t decide who I feel more sorry for: the Star Wars enthusiast in need of a like-minded buddy or the business analyst clearly wishing the oblivious fan would let her do her work.  If I hadn’t been on my way to a meeting, I would have jumped in myself. I probably wouldn’t have contributed much (Han shot first – what else is there to say, outside of some grumbling directed towards Lucas?), but at least Coworker #1 wouldn’t have been left hanging.

What caught my eye on the internet yesterday (and by internet, I mean Reddit)?

Got a little teary (just a tad) reading this (from Reddit).

OMG ADORBZ!  (Somewhat ironically used because I’m not a teenage girl, but for real, this is freakin’ adorable.  Also from Reddit.)

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