Stop with the flip-flopping, Mother Nature, or we’ll stop voting for you

Wednesday was the last day of spring.  We said hello (again, grudgingly) to winter yesterday.  Then we pretended to see someone else on the other side of the room and gave it the cold shoulder the rest of the day.  (Hee.  Cold shoulder.)

To make me feel better, I like to look at this picture (from Reddit), captioned “Minnesota Yeti Caught on Film“:

The picture is even wintry, in keeping with the mood and weather of the day.


  1. momma betty

    I thought you didn’t like the Apothic White. I think we definitely need to change our home arrangements. Maybe Montana or Canada or Maine in the summer; Florida or Mexico in the winter.

  2. Zannah

    No, it’s Stark Raving White I don’t like. I hadn’t tried Apothic White before (we didn’t open the bottle you had at your house when I was there).

    Snow birds!

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