I don’t know how to say this

It’s hard to write posts like this (she says, having only written one other one ever – hey, it was hard that time, too).  I’ve been avoiding it, although you probably couldn’t tell because it looked a lot like not posting and I’ve been doing a LOT of that lately.  So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if no one reads this.  Which would be okay, I guess.  And only fair.

Riley is no longer with us.  We said goodbye last Saturday morning (the 18th).

The house is much quieter now.


  1. Anonymous

    Crazy puppy, but we loved him a lot. He never lost that look in his eyes of “Please take me home. I’ll love you a lot.” And he did. I didn’t want to upset you further, but I was crying quietly as you told us on the phone. It’s so hard to let go. We miss them so much, but we still have such happy memories, particularly of Nitwit, Max, and Murphy. We saw a Murphy look-alike the other day–but without the stupid trash can lid around his neck.

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