Eat right and exercise

I’ve been pretty good about the exercise part of “eat right and exercise”, but eating right has been difficult.  I’m sure it would get easier if I EVER went grocery shopping, but I don’t do that.  (Let’s not be crazy.)  Eating out for nearly every meal can be done in a relatively healthy way, though (and it can be done without spending THAT much money, too).  It’s not bad when I’m out already, like at work, or on the way home from work.  Panera is a staple of our diet – they have lots of healthy options and they make portion control pretty easy.  (We might be keeping them in business.)  We run into a problem when we’re home, we have no food in the house, and we don’t want to go anywhere to get it.  That’s when the bad choices get made.  Don’t want to leave the house?  Order a pizza!  Tired of pizza?  Order Chinese!  Don’t want either?  There’s a pasta place that delivers enormous portions of everything.  Really?  Sounds great!  So weekends kill me.  I wish Panera delivered.

I want to want to go to the grocery store.  I want to want to plan ahead and have healthy lunches and snacks.  That’s a good first step, right?  Step 1: Want to change.  Hey, that might be step 2.

Step 1: Recognize the problem.

I eat like crap.

Step 2: Want to change to fix the problem.

I don’t want to eat like crap anymore.  I want to eat healthy food like a healthy person.

Step 3: Make lists and plans for change to fix the problem.  (You thought Step 3 was going to be fixing the problem, didn’t you?  Ha ha!  You were wrong.)

Step 4: Fix the problem.

I’m at Step 2, contemplating Step 3.  I do have small victories here and there.  There’s a SuperTarget near my office, and twice in two weeks I’ve picked up a small package of veggies and dip for lunch.  It’s delicious and healthy!  Good for me and makes me feel good!  And then I’m hungry again by mid-afternoon, but this is an obstacle I can overcome with more healthy snacks.  That I will have to go to the store to get.  Drat! Foiled again.