Boxing update

Our chief negotiator, Heather, got Nick an interview with the new boxing gym (Title), and he was hired.  Yay!  For now, he’s just teaching two mornings a week, but this gym gained 12 new members this week.  Very good for them, and good for us that we still have somewhere to box.  It’s twice as expensive as UFC (which may be why UFC couldn’t pay their rent), but we’ll do it for six months.  Nick started this week, so after our super-hard and tiring weekend, we got up early Monday morning to go support him at the new gym (and, you know, work out).  I can’t tell if Nick made the workout harder (to prove something to the new manager) or if it just felt harder to me.  Doesn’t matter much.  The new place is a little farther away from the house, but way closer to the apartment, so it’ll be convenient to us soon.  And it’s nice.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the same good news about Doug.  We worked out with him one last time on Thursday (he still had keys to the gym).  Turns out neither Doug nor Nick had been paid since last September (possibly longer for Doug) – they stuck around because they like teaching, they were going to be working out anyway, and they liked having access to the gym.  There’s definitely no loyalty to UFC.  (And they both have 9-5 jobs, so they’re not unemployed now or anything.)  Finding that out made it much easier for all of us to switch to Title – too bad for UFC if they manage to reopen.


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