Trying to rush spring

After a ridiculously cold winter, spring seems to be in a hurry to get here, and I’m in a hurry to have it here, but I may have been a little overly-enthusiastic Tuesday morning.  We decided to go for a run instead of heading to boxing (we got to sleep in a whole extra 45 minutes!), and since the temperature was in the upper 50s on Monday (and the overnight lows were in the low 30s but above freezing), the snow was melting and the sidewalks were clear and dry.  Well, they looked dry.  We started out fine, but we found out the hard way which side of our new complex doesn’t get direct sunlight.  Those wet patches where snow was melting were just damp pavement on one side of the street, but we turned a corner and woooo!  Damp patches of pavement turned into icy patches of pavement.  In my memory, we slid a lot and eventually stumbled to a halt, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that dramatic when it actually happened.  It definitely dampened my enthusiasm.  It was still dark out, so I couldn’t tell shadows from black ice, and I didn’t want to fall down and – way to ruin a run.  So I cut it short (I wasn’t going to go long anyway – it’s been weeks and weeks since I ran last) and headed back.  The 10-day forecast still shows a few nights with below-freezing lows, but maybe they won’t be after rainy days.  I am DETERMINED to find the bright side.  Also DETERMINED not to fall on my ass.


  1. Zannah

    Yes, we have a fitness center. It has a treadmill (possibly more than one), but it’d definitely not big enough for a track. Besides, it has warmed up enough for the ice to be gone. I’m pretty sure it’s safe now.

    Of course, it’ll be raining tomorrow morning, so maybe we’ll check it out then.

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