All moving, all the time

Fair warning: this is probably going to become a Hey, We’re Moving! blog for the next couple of weeks.  Not like it wasn’t before, but we’re kicking it into overdrive!  (I don’t know what means.  Does that refer to cars?  Does my car have an overdrive setting?  Do I have to kick something to make it happen?  I find it unlikely that I would.)

We spent all of last Saturday moving from one storage unit to another.  You might think that sounds like an exercise in futility, a zero-sum game.  Why do it?  Why waste our time?  But you’d be WRONG!  It was the RIGHT thing to do, and it needed to be done, and we feel extra-special good about ourselves for getting that chore behind us.  (I may have had a little extra coffee this morning.)

Why would we leave our storage unit in Ashburn when we won’t be living there anymore?  Wouldn’t it be better to take a smaller unit (one JUST being enough to hold our stuff) that’s close to someone we know and trust?  Someone who could check on things in case of an emergency?  Someone who isn’t going to move again, at least not for a few years?  And if we did need something out of it, we could get it AND visit relatives rather than go back to the place we don’t live anymore.  Yes, it would be better to do that.  To sweeten the deal, the unit up near them is less than half as expensive as the one in Ashburn AND it’s climate-controlled.  So we wore ourselves out moving stuff out of the apartment (dining room table and chairs, my big dresser (which is EMPTY!), and a few boxes), then emptying the storage unit into the truck, then emptying half of the truck onto Sean and Emily’s lawn so we could unearth the eight bookshelves they were taking, then repacking the truck and driving it to the new storage unit, and then emptying the truck into the storage unit.

EVERYTHING FIT IN.  It’s tight, and when you open the door, it looks like it’s all going to explode out onto your head, but it won’t.  (Mom, you were right.  There is a name for that type of closet, and it is named after an old radio show – Fibber McGee’s closet, from the Fibber McGee and Molly radio show.)

If all goes well, we won’t even have to think about that storage unit (except for paying for it) or anything in it for years, not until we get tired of our new life and start thinking about settling somewhere.  That’s kind of cool.


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