Bad news about our shows

Last night, Will told us the truly terrible news about Agent Carter, one of my favorite shows: it’s been canceled after two seasons.  I’m very sad.  Today, John found out that two characters who left Agents of Shield (we were very unhappy they left) were supposed to get their own show (yay!), but now that’s not happening, either (boo).  Maybe they’ll come back to Shield.

Castle (which we don’t watch anymore, but still – Nathan Fillion) has been canceled, The Muppet Show has been canceled, and The Grinder has been canceled, which is much sadder than the other two.  The Grinder is hilarious.

Galavant, a show I’ve been meaning to watch, has also been canceled.

Networks suck.  Maybe Netflix will pick some of these up.  At least Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Shield, Elementary, and Supernatural will be back.  And it’s not like we don’t have enough TV to watch already, plus a LONG list of shows to add.  Just…I love Agent Carter.