Dinner smells so good

We are grilling steaks tonight!  So yeah – that delicious smell that’s wafting through the neighborhood?  For once, it’s coming from OUR backyard.  Dinner is corn (also grilled), steak, and a salad, and I am SO hungry right now.

This will be the…third(?) time we’ve used our little charcoal grill.  Most of that is because it’s a PAIN.  Next time, gas grill.  Definitely.  Forever.  Or no grill.  With as little use as this one has gotten (and with the rain that is supposed to arrive in a month), we could have gone without.  Like we’ve gone without a microwave for over five months now.  We hardly miss it.  It would make a couple of things easier (like reheating leftovers), but that’s what ovens and stoves are for.

Anyway, dinner will be yum, and it’s almost done, and I have to go eat it.

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