Flat hair

My hair will never not be flat.  Not never, but what fullness I can get out of it I only keep for five minutes (ten, if I’m lucky).  We’re about to go out to dinner and a show (Whose Line Is It Anyway – so excited!), so I used my hair dryer and some volumizing…stuff and right now, right this second, my hair looks good.  By the time we get wherever it is we’re going for dinner, it will be right back to its normal flatness.

I guess that’s okay – I’m certainly used to it – but it looks so much better with a little oomph.  I’m totally jealous of people like Margaret and Jess whose hair is naturally voluminous.  Volume-full.  Volume-y.  Big.  But not, like, 80s big.  Just right big.



  1. Zannah

    Thanks, Margaret. Maybe we can share to get the perfect amount.

    Mom, yes, I got another haircut in early August. More of a bob. I’m trying to decide what to do next.

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