Some books should never end

I have already declared my love of Tanya Huff (space marines!) in this space, but I think I need to say it again.  I just finished a stand-alone fantasy novel that I really really really enjoyed.  Like, I didn’t want it to be over.  I want more of it.  I want it to be a series, Ms. Tanya Huff, please ma’am.  It reminded me of Sherwood Smith’s Inda books, a fantasy series (ahem) I also liked a ton.  The Inda books take place in a world I don’t want to leave when the books end.  The characters stay with me, and now I’m feeling the same way about The Silvered.  It’s about mages and a version of werewolves, and yes, Mom and Margaret have both just lost interest, but I couldn’t put it down even as I wished I could slow down and never finish it.

Now, sadly, it’s over (I stayed up late last night to get to the end), and I’m putting off starting another book because I’m not ready.  My next book is going to be a disappointment, through no fault of its own (I hope), and that’s not fair to it.


  1. Erik

    I just turned to Margaret to tell her she had another shout out on your blog this evening.
    Margaret: “What? But I read it… I must not have read that far.”
    That was funny.

  2. Margaret

    I’m sorry I didn’t finish that particular blog post. Especially because of my shout out about losing interest in said blog post 🙂 I read the other new posts in their entirety, though!

  3. momma betty

    (Eyes glazed over) but I’m really glad you have good books to read that bring you so much pleasure….and the time to read them.

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