And I swore I’d never rake leaves again

Today, I willingly voluntarily raked leaves.  I raked ALL the leaves in the front yard, and let me tell you – there were a lot of them.  There were so many I wasn’t sure they’d all fit in our yard waste bin.  (Eugene doesn’t do yard bags, and the street leaf pickup doesn’t start for another two weeks.)

This is the bin I planned to fill, sure at the beginning that I would have no trouble:


Here’s the pile of leaves, mostly raked, which is when I began to worry:


Here’s the bin, overflowing even after I climbed onto our retaining wall and stepped into the bin to smoosh down all the leaves:


But the story has a happy ending, since I was able to close the lid:


Of course, then I found out that our next yard waste pick-up day is the day before the street leaf pick-up day, and I could have saved myself the trouble.


  1. momma betty

    Seeing this post reminded of the big trees in the front yard The Little House on Kenoak. Hoping the landscaper guys are raking, but I bet they’re not. Oh, well. I’m not there to see it.

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