Mixing genres

I finished a book on Sunday set in the early 1800s, and about halfway through a scene about Napoleon coming back from exile, I caught myself expecting a mention of the British Aerial Corps and how Temeraire and Capt. Laurence were going to swoop in and defeat him.  The novel I was reading does NOT have dragons, but dragons will be forever linked with Napoleon now.

Dragons make history fun.


  1. Michelle

    Now I want there to be a series of mostly non-fiction history books but with dragons added at critical moments. Currently I’m envisioning a somewhat different Washington Crossing the Delaware.

  2. Dad

    I totally agree. I’m in the middle of volume 8 right now, attempting to escape Japan. 9 is already loaded on my Kindle.

  3. Zannah

    Paul Revere’s Ride – he was totally being chased by a dragon. And Atlanta was burned by fire-breathing dragons. This is the best.

    Dad and Corey – keep your spoilers to yourselves! I need to get book 8 from the library.

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