WD-40 may be needed

I love my new sports bra.  Maybe it’s a weird thing to love, but it’s great.  Super comfortable, looks good.  The style is racerback, and in the very middle, right between my shoulder blades, there’s a little plastic ring where all the straps attach.  I didn’t notice the ring before, I can’t feel it at all, but I know it’s there NOW because of today’s yoga class.

The room was very quiet.  There was soothing music playing, and the instructor’s voice was low.  I settled into tabletop and then drew my shoulder blades together and lowered into cow pose.


I pushed back into cat pose.


Cow pose.


Cat pose.


Every time I flexed my shoulder blades out or in, the straps on that plastic ring creaked.  Reach up for triangle.  Creak.  Reach forward for warrior III.  Creak.

I’d like to think no one could hear, like no one is aware of the sound of your breathing except yourself (unless you’re that exceptionally loud breather dude), but no…I’m pretty sure the constant creaking was audible at least to the person next to me.  I hope she was able to tune it out and focus.

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