I think they live in paradise

California is a lovely place, with lovely weather, and lovely friends, and GIANT TREES.

It’s kind of funny – we visited Erik and Margaret (and their two adorable, smart, and funny children) for a little more than three days, but the only pictures I have are from the day we went to see the redwoods.

We followed the creek and found a nice picnic spot, and then the kids (and Margaret) played in the creek.  It was all so wholesome and fun, and I mean that – no sarcasm here.

I made this last one big ’cause otherwise you can barely see us.

It was so good to see them again, and it was such a relaxing weekend.  They did a good job of making California seem like the place we want to be.  It’s not, not long-term, but they did such a good job of showing us all the good parts that we temporarily forgot that, and it was really hard to leave.


  1. momma betty

    There have to be many reasons so many people chose and still choose California—climate and the natural beauty of so much of it. Met a couple of women last night from Chico, north of Sacramento. I don’t know how long they had lived there, but they couldn’t stand the summer heat. Another friend, from the Bay Area, spent April in Marin County, mostly in Sausalito, and spent a good deal of their time walking and hiking through the parks all along the coast. It is so beautiful, but how can ordinary people afford to live there? Nice to visit though.

  2. Margaret

    We didn’t show you ALL the good parts – there are so many more!! You have to come back and see them. And do more Disney princess singing. And read more stories. The kids are still talking about you guys!

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