Road Trip Day 1 – The Movening

Yesterday and today were long, hard, and exhausting.  On the other hand, they’re over.  The pod was filled completely, although not without injury.  I bashed my forehead on the side while we were trying to maneuver the mattress in.  That was the least fun part (both the maneuvering and the head-bashing).  I’m okay, but I do have a lump.

We didn’t leave town until after 6pm and we only made it as far as Bend (2 and half hours or so), but we plan to do better tomorrow.  Leaving before 6pm would be a good start.

Say goodbye to the cute yellow house on the hill.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment, featuring flames.

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  1. momma betty

    Goodbye,little yellow house on the hill. Those last few packing days are awful–stressful, what goes? what doesn’t? But then there’s the freedom of the road! Packing all done, you only have to look ahead. Enjoy the journey. Hope the weather is good. The leaves may be turning already in the Rockies. Road trip!!!!


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