We are predictable

We did it again.  We got our new library cards before we got our new driver’s licenses.  Took us three days this time.  It wasn’t more than three days in Eugene, I think, but we’ll never know since Twitter won’t let me look back that far and apparently I didn’t talk about it here.  Boo, Twitter.  The point is, duh, libraries are important to us.

That was our Saturday. We slept in, exercised, ate lunch, and then walked 5 miles to visit two libraries.  When we left the downtown branch, we walked by the convention center, where HasCon was going on. Hasbro is headquartered here, and there were a bunch of kids dressed up as My Little Ponies and GI Joes and other Hasbro stuff. It was cute.

Our Sunday included a visit to the Rhode Island Seafood Festival for lunch and music.

I had the best fried scallop sandwich from a food truck called Plouf Plouf. It was a good first weekend in Providence.

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