Fleeting thoughts about traveling

  • Oh my god, I love being this close to an airport.
  • Maybe I should start booking two aisle seats, same row, for us when we fly.  Then I don’t have to sit in the middle seat, I get the aisle (always my first choice anyway), and we can still sit next to each other.  Of course, John won’t get the window, but I feel like I’ve spent enough years sitting in the middle for him to owe me this one.
  • I find airports to be peaceful places. As long as I’m not late.
  • Mosquito bites are the WORST.
  • That was not a travel thought. Stick to the theme!
  • I like travel size things, like the little containers of Advil and the little bottles of contact solution and the little packets of Benadryl that aren’t helping with the itching.
  • I hope the TV screen in the seat back shows our flight progress.
  • Holy mother of god the itching.
  • My seat mates won’t notice if I gnaw off my legs, right?
  • Maybe I can buy enough tiny bottles of wine to light the bites on fire.
  • Fire!
  • $&#*”&-@$&@


  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know how to get bulllets in the Comments section.
    1. Which airport? Providence or Baltimore. Agree–proximity to airports is a priority
    2. I’ve been booking side by side aisle seats for us for years whenever I could. I hate crawling over people to go to the bathroom.
    3. Airports peaceful? Exciting, exhilarating, exhausting…., but don’t agree with peaceful.
    4. So sorry about the bites.
    5. Right. Stick to the theme.
    6. I love travel size items whether I need them or not. Little toothpaste tubes, baby bars of soap, but deodorant–too small and falls out of the holder.
    7. Love watching the flight progress.
    8. More Benadryl…..think you should see an allergist
    9. Yes, they would notice and be very grossed out.
    10. More wine!
    11. More wine!
    12. More $&&$$/-ing wine!

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