Wonder of wonders

I have gone more than two weeks with this ridiculous piece of paper as a temporary driver’s license, convinced every time I had to show it to someone (which was surprisingly often) that they’d reject it.  That almost happened last week, actually.  It stumped the bouncer at the club for the Arkells concert, and he was about to tell me he couldn’t take it as ID.  I can’t blame him, really.  It’s a full size piece of paper that I have folded into a tiny square so it’ll fit in my wallet.  When I unfold it to show it to someone, it’s all creased and worn and it really doesn’t look official.  Printing “Official Temporary Driver’s License” across the top does not make it look less fake, State of Rhode Island.  So with all that, I’m not really sure why he changed his mind.  Maybe it was my look of fury.  (Have you seen my look of fury?  No?  I should work on that.)  More likely it was my sad eyes and bedraggled state (we’d been standing out in the rain for 20 minutes waiting for the doors to open).  And also the fact that NO ONE could look at me and not think I was over 21.

I’ve been checking the mail every day hoping my real license would arrive and it did!  Today!  Right before we were about to drive across several states for Thanksgiving!  I feel legal again.

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

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