I watched The Man From Snowy River tonight for the first time in probably 20 years, and I think it’s hilarious how vindictive and nearly evil they paint the black horse who’s in charge of the wild brumby herd, what with the rearing and the freeze frames of crazy eyes.  Equally hilarious is how Kirk Douglas plays two brothers, one of them camouflaged behind a beard and a peg leg.   A beard doesn’t fool me, movie makers.  I’ve got eyes.

Not so hilarious is the scene where poor Jessica wakes up on a tiny ledge over the side of a cliff.  I didn’t remember that at all.

Impressive: according to Wikipedia, the actor who played Jim had never ridden before he got this role, and he did his own stunts.

Opinion after 20 years: the movie holds up.  It leaves Netflix on Dec 1st.  You’ve got a week!


  1. Anonymous

    Wow. I’m not sure I’ve seen it all the way through in more than 35 years! I don ‘t remember any of those details. And I absolutely do not remember Kirk Douglas being in that movie.

  2. Bunny Butcher

    I think it will be no surprise to you that I own the movie… 😉 Yes, the Jessica cliff scene is terrifying! Especially the way the camera pulls back so suddenly to reveal the height. I don’t think I’ve subjected Christine to a viewing yet, but it’s coming. Oh, yes, it’s coming.

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