Best Christmas Drive

John and I have made the long (sometimes longer) drive to his family for Christmas for many many many years.  We take the opportunity to listen to our favorite Christmas albums, since hardly anyone else enjoys Merry Axemas or the Brian Setzer Christmas albums as much as we do.  Things usually work out pretty well elsewhere on the radio, too.  Our favorite songs come on, one year we happened to catch a broadcast of The Christmas Carol, and other stuff like that.

This year wins.  We had a five-hour drive in front of us, SiriusXM tuned to a news station, and we were not five minutes out of the house when we heard an ad for The Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas concert, recorded live earlier this week, playing on some other channel at 8pm eastern.  It was just after 5pm.  Having seen his Christmas concert twice now, we weren’t going to miss that.  I set an alarm.

Guys, it was SO GOOD.  The sound was perfect – it felt like we were there, and the show was fantastic.  We had such a good time listening to it. It made our drive.  We showed up with big stupid grins on our faces instead of walking in the house all beat down from hours in the car.  It’s almost four hours later (this family stays up late), and I still feel the effects.  We’re going to track down that recording somehow.  I need it.


  1. momma betty

    There are some things that just make a long drive pass as if you’re sitting in your living room. For us, it’s usually books on tape. The time rolls by and we’re (figuratively) somewhere else living vicariously through the characters. I still associate some drives with particular books–like the drive back to KY from DC one time listening to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. And another time–the four of us taking you back to college– I was listening to The Kitchen God’s Wife with my headphones on, and I kept laughing out loud so much, you all had me stop and we all listened to it.

    I was just thinking about the Brian Setzer concert all of us went to in Bethesda after one Thanksgiving. I can certainly see how that would power you through a long trip.

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