Last week was a weird week, short because of the holiday, we were busy catching up with work, John was sick, it snowed like crazy, and for whatever other reasons it just didn’t feel like a normal week.

THIS week is the week we go back to normal.  THIS week is the week we go back to the gym on a regular schedule.  THIS week is the week we go back to eating like people and not bears about to go into hibernation.

But that’s all recovery from the holidays.  As far as resolutions go (I’m not really one for resolutions), I’m going to work on not letting anything get to me.  No annoyances of the kind that raise stress levels, no drama, no work crap, and I’ll even do my best to keep the “oh my god the world is ending” fear at arm’s reach.  Especially that one.  I will remain calm, cool, and collected (unless I’m ranting for fun).  Zen.  That’ll be me.  Zen Zannah.

It’s working already.

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