Looking for middle ground

We’ve FINALLY started to shop for baby stuff, and we’ve come to the decision that we need two bassinets: one for our room and one for downstairs.  We have one (thank you very much to John’s parents), but we’re looking for a second one and WHY is this so hard?

Well, the vast majority of bassinets fall into two distinct, EXTREMELY DIFFERENT, categories.

First, the overly ruffled, gag-me-cutesy ones:

Second, the laundry baskets:

If I HAD to choose between only these extremes, I’d probably pick the laundry basket style.  I’m just not that into ruffles…  The one we have already is one of the VERY few in the middle.  Maybe we’ll get another one just like it.


  1. Butcher de Conejos

    do you have a pack n play? they usually come with a bassinet attachment, so rather than have 2 bassinets AND a pack n play (which you’ll definitely want), the pack n play can be a 2-in-1.

  2. Zannah

    We heard the same thing from a couple of other people, so I started looking into it, and we picked one up on Prime Day. 🙂

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