What’s work?

I talked to my boss for the first time in over two months this week.  I’m going back to work, part-time, in about a week and a half, so it was time to check in and make sure he was still good with all the stuff we worked out, and you know what?  He is.  I have to go back to work, which sucks, but I’m getting everything I asked for, which makes it a little bit okay.  Part-time, flexible working hours, only one or two regularly scheduled meetings…I don’t get healthcare, which totally sucks, but we can figure that out on our own.  And we will, probably this weekend.

Still, it was really nice not to think about work at all for this long, and I’m a little bummed that I have to think about it again, and then, gasp, actually do it.  I might need some help remembering how to do my job.

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