Hello 2019

Did we make it to midnight last night?  Yes, but barely.  Jack was in his crib by 10:30, and we were struggling to make it 90 more minutes.  Our plan for the evening was TV, Chinese food, and champagne.  TV and Chinese food happened, but if we had added champagne, we would have been unconscious.  Now we’ve got two bottles of champagne in the fridge, which is a nice problem to have.

Our New Year’s Day started with a happy baby (he woke up quiet, no screaming – yay!) who had a massive diaper blowout overnight (ew), then a walk to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, then a trip to the grocery store, and then a long walk just because the sun was out.  Now we’re in, warming back up, and I’m waiting for Jack to wake up.  He fell asleep in the cart at the grocery store and has been asleep ever since.  Too much partying last night.

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