Everything is blurry

There must be a trick to transferring a sleeping baby from your arms to the crib, but the internet won’t tell me what it is.  I get a lot of “put the baby down sleepy but not asleep so he can learn to put himself to sleep”, but 1) he still falls asleep nursing, so that’s harder than it seems, and 2) he screams when he hits the mattress whether he’s sleepy or sleeping, so drowsy disappears fast.

He does sleep at night, so it’s not like we can’t get him to sleep in the crib at all, but bedtime is the most stressful time of day for me.  The last two nights (three? too tired to remember), it was John who was able to put him down quietly, so we’re going to keep going with that and hope it works.  Of course, that limits bedtime and will eventually get us into trouble.  Eventually being in two weekends, when John is out of town.

Fun times ahead.


  1. Margaret

    I remember that. Corinne never woke up when we put her in her crib after she fell asleep on us, but Will always did. Sleep training was the only solution we found…it will get better!

    • Zannah

      That must have been an unpleasant surprise after Corinne let you transfer her! Sleep training meaning the cry-it-out thing? We’ve been talking about it, but I’ve read you’re not supposed to start it until six months…

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