1. Butcher

    Aw, man! I’m about 35% in and not all that interested but was going to keep reading anyway. Now I’m not so sure. Next?

  2. Zannah

    Yeah, if you’re not all that interested, I wouldn’t bother continuing. Read The Cabin At The End Of The World (kind of horror? on my kindle) or In Other Lands (light, REALLY GOOD, fantasy – not on my kindle, sorry OH I might be able to email it to you) or those short stories I emailed you back in August or The Goblin Emperor (also not on my kindle -I have a physical copy). Read the books by Becky Chambers (I think I email you those after my last visit). The Field Guide to the North American Teenager (yes on my kindle).

    How’s that for a list? All very different.

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