Social distancing is not a problem in this household

This whole coronavirus thing hasn’t changed our lives all that much yet.  We’re already basically hermits.  Jack and I had been getting out a lot, and we do miss our baby friends (and their moms) and the library story times, but the weather is getting nicer and we’re compensating by taking morning hikes and then collapsing into naptime.

“Hikes”, I should say.  We’re walking on level paths through some woods or around a pond, at Jack’s pace.  He’s been doing great – he walks on his own more than half a mile before he asks to be picked up, and even then he still walks a little more.  Then we have a snack and a diaper change, and he falls asleep on the way home and through the transfer into the crib.

We’ve only seen a handful of people, all keeping their distance.  Jack has discovered the joys of scuffing his feet through leaves, pine needles, gravel – whatever the path is made of.  Then he runs, he falls, and he giggles when I brush off his hands.

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