Jack fell down yesterday. Okay, he falls down every day, but he fell down in the driveway.  Okay, he falls down in the driveway regularly, too, but this one was different.

We were both outside with him, and he started to run/toddle along the driveway.  He tripped and fell (daily occurrence).  He caught himself on his hands and knees (normal), but then he tipped forward.  It happened so slowly that it didn’t seem like it could have hurt him, but he started crying and I hurried my already-in-progress rush to him.  Picked him up, brushed him off – I didn’t see anything immediately wrong.  He had some dirt and a few pieces of gravel on his face, so I took him inside to clean him up.

He calmed down after a minute and went right back to playing.  It was a few minutes before we could really see the scrapes.  His forehead, the side of his nose, some of his right cheek, and his chin all show evidence of the faceplant onto the driveway.  I’m positive it hurts us more than it hurts him.

John said we shouldn’t let him run on the driveway anymore.  Uh huh.  YOU try and stop him.  I’ll just hover a little closer so I can catch his head next time.  Like a helicopter…oops.

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