Car Trouble in the Time of Covid

Jack had a very exciting morning yesterday. He got to see a tow truck in action, up close and personal.  I suppose it was exciting for us, too, but tinged with a wide streak of Really? This is happening now?!?

John loaded the car up with some yard waste to take to the transfer station, but he didn’t get far.  The car sputtered to a stop right outside our front-yard neighbor’s house, and he pushed it into the parking area for the apartments right there on the corner.  It had been running rough for the last few days (or the last couple of times I drove it, anyway), but we figured that was a spark plug issue and we were planning that kind of maintenance.

We called our local repair place, got a tow truck dispatched from USAA (using the repair place’s towing service, turns out), and found out this morning that the engine seized up.

I am SO not in the mood for this.  Major engine repair, engine replacement, or new (used) car.  No, thanks!  Not now!  But this is what we will figure out over the next few days.

The tow truck part was pretty cool, though.  It was a flat-bed truck, and we (with Jack) watched the guy winch the car up onto the flat-bed and drive away. I got it on video for Jack’s endless perusal.


  1. The Butcher

    Yikes. Engine seizing sounds REAL bad. Hoping to prevent seizing is why we took the Prius this morning to the pediatrician. I’ve been driving the Outback once a week or so but the Prius hadn’t been driven in over 2 months. But it seems to be fine. Hope yours ends up better than expected.

    • Zannah

      I’ve been driving it semi-regularly – no idea what caused it, but we’re leaning towards car shopping on Saturday. UGH.

  2. momma Betty

    How lucky for Jack! How awful for you guys, but the old heap was bound to expire sometime. Hope you find something great to replace it. I’m sure Corey will extol the many advantages of a Subaru Outback.

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