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I’ve read in a million places that toddlers thrive on routine, but I can’t help but think that can get boring.  And routine doesn’t have to equal doing EXACTLY the same thing at the same time every day, right?  It can mean doing the same KIND of thing, yes?  Well, for my own sanity, the answer to that had better be yes.

I love Sesame Street to pieces, but I can only listen to the two classic sing-along albums so many times in one morning.  I LOVE that he likes them, but we need some variation, so I thought we’d try some Raffi.  I don’t know how I missed out on Raffi – I just looked him up and he was certainly active early enough – but I remember the kids I babysat being into his stuff.  (John doesn’t understand how it is that I am not familiar with “Baby Beluga”.  That’s just the way it is, man.)  Well, Jack wouldn’t even let me get through two songs, but I’m not giving up.  We’ll try again some other day.  In the meantime, I LOVE “Oscar Don’t Allow”, so those two Sesame Street albums can stay in rotation.

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  1. Momma Betty

    Somehow Raffi wasn’t a part of our lives as you guys were growing. All those things we missed out on I blame on living overseas, out of the mainstream culture for two years each time. I remember during the 1984 election period, while we were still in the Philippines, I didn’t understand the big deal deal about Mondale’s so-called debate comeback, “Where’s the Beef?” Later, I realized it was from a popular Wendy’s commercial, but we only had one TV channel in the PI, from AFRTS, and it didn’t have commercials.

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