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My website is back up (yay!), but I’m feeling a little down. Today was the eighth anniversary of Roxy’s death. Eight years – it feels like forever ago and yesterday. I miss my anti-social puppy.

In cuter news, Jack got butter on his hands this morning and absently rubbed his hair, so he smelled like popcorn all day.

We voted today – the town held a referendum on some school-improvement funding. Jack charmed the election officials (naturally) and got extra “I Voted” stickers.

We went to our first outdoor story time in a year and a half, we took a long walk in the stroller and brought back lunch, we had a dance party before dinner, but the Roxy thing just brought down my whole day.


  1. Mom

    So sad to be missing Roxy. I think about all our long-gone furry babies, but mostly with happy, funny memories. Roxy had a tough time. So did Riley his last couple of years. You need a new crazy puppy. We’ll ship Watson to you on the next Puppy Express. Since the move, he’s acting like a wild and crazy 2 year old. He runs around like he’s been shot out of a cannon, barks at the workers, escapes from the yard every chance he gets, jumps on the furniture. I’m ready to send him to a trainer and say bring him back when he’s civilized. Which might be never.

    Besides missing Roxy, it sounds like a pretty good day overall. I’m glad Jack is having a chance to see the world beyond home. And so glad he got to vote!

    • Zannah

      Most of the year, it’s happy memories. Just not on the day she died. Same for Riley. Good luck with Watson!

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