Making plans and fixing microwaves

I like having things planned.  I wouldn’t say that I really enjoy making the plans, but I like having an event of some kind to look forward to.  Today, I bought plane tickets and booked the dogs into the kennel so we can visit Mom and Dad for a weekend at the end of September.  I always feel better when I know for sure that there is travel (fun, vacation-like travel) in my future.  I hate driving by the airport and not even being able to guess when I’ll be flying somewhere.

John is puzzling over the microwave (the one above the stove that hasn’t worked in almost three years).  (He didn’t want me to say he was fighting with it, although when I wrote that sentence, he was trying pretty hard to pry the grill/vent thing off the top.  Looked like fighting to me.)  We’ve been talking about getting a new one pretty much since then, but since we have a backup in the dining room, it’s never been that urgent (and it’s not now).  I googled the model number the other day and found that other people have had the same issues (and fixed them), so now John is seeing what he can do.  But I think he’s close to giving up…

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